Skilled Nursing Success Story

Through dedicated therapy, Hunt patient regains the ability to walk.

Caysi was admitted to Hunt Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center on April 28, 2020. She was unable to walk, she was very weak, she was not ambulatory, she had limited use of her right leg and she was unable to transfer from her wheelchair to bed without assistance. As a result, there were concerns that Caysi would never be able to walk again.

After weeks of PT and OT, her bed mobility and transfer status improved, but she was still unable to stand. The insurance company planned to discharge Caysi home at a wheelchair level, but Caysi insisted she would walk again.

Through persistence and personalized therapy, Caysi was able to:

 • Make gains in muscle strength

 • Stand and eventually take small steps

 • Walk with a rolling walker to 500 feet

 • Walk up and down a flight of stairs using a railing

• Discharge home without a wheelchair

“I couldn’t have done this without Anthony, the Director of Rehab, and his entire team. We worked hard together. Anthony was kind, caring and spoke to me with honesty. He compassionately prepared me for the worst, looked me in the eyes and told me that I may not be able to walk again. I told Anthony that I like to look at things with the glass half full, not half empty, and I WILL walk again. I believe with his help and the exceptional confidence, care and support I received from everyone – the CNAs, nursing staff, and rehab department at Hunt Nursing and Rehabilitation Center – that I am where I am today, happy and ready to enjoy life again. Thank you to everyone at Hunt for all you do.”

– Caysi B.

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